The Natural Solution For Walk-In & Reach-In Coolers/Freezers


Frequently Asked Questions

My cooler works just fine (or my cooler is new). Why do I need this service?

Many of our active customers shared the same concern at first. However, Humidity Control Filters keep coolers “new” longer. You wouldn’t overlook changing your oil or getting a tune-up on your car just because it’s “newer” and has no problems. Those services help it stay in tip top condition. Your cooler is the heart of your food operation and our filters ensure that your equipment and everything in it remains in optimal condition. With Humidity Control Filters, there will be less wear and tear on your refrigeration equipment because it does not have to run as much or as long to keep your refrigerator cold; resulting in valuable energy savings!

We get deliveries almost every day so freshness isn’t really an issue. Why do we need Humidity Control Filters?

The fact that you get your food delivered every day tells us that you are very interested in providing the freshest food possible. Food is processed, trucked, warehoused and distributed. A study conducted by Cox Technologies, Inc. showed that by the time retailers receive food, the remaining shelf life is approximately 30%. Accordingly, it is very important to preserve the remaining shelf life by storing your food in optimum conditions. This is where Humidity Control Filters shines! Customers have repeatedly told us that with our filters, their food actually looks fresher than when they received it!

If I take advantage of the FREE 2-week trial, how will I be able to gauge if there’s actually a difference?

We document the conditions in the cooler at the time of the installation, including temperature, humidity, odor levels, and dampness using computerized equipment. We come back a couple of times during the trial period and take readings again. At the end of the trial period,  we will present the results to you and your staff.

Why should I add this service to my budget?

Faced with ever-tightening profit margins, we understand that businesses are continually looking for ways to trim costs and improve efficiency. Humidity Control Filters is a valuable partner that helps improve your bottom line and gives you a competitive edge. It actually turns a refrigerator into the profit center it should be. Our filters save more money than they cost by reducing food loss, improving energy and equipment efficiency; creating a safer work environment and increasing customer satisfaction. It actually pays to utilize them!

Are the minerals and filters that Humidity Control Filters use safe?

Our 100% all-natural product is completely safe in any environment. Our minerals are mined organically in the west coast of the United States. OSHA has determined that our minerals are stable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-caustic, and non-irritating. Moreover, our cardboard and plastic filters are 100% sustainable, recyclable, and BPA-free.

How are the filters installed? Do they require electricity?

Our filters are affixed to the interior ceiling of walk-in coolers & freezers via brackets that require no electricity and can be easily moved from one location to another if need to be. The total installation time is generally 15-20 minutes.

How often are the filters replaced?

A representative from our company will replace your filters every 8-weeks.

What’s the cost? Do I have to a sign a contract?

The cost depends on the size and number of coolers/freezers you have. Our customers’ monthly costs are typically between $60-$200 per month depending on the factors previously mentioned. When one of our representative’s comes to your facility to install the filters on a FREE 2-week trial basis, he/she will discuss pricing with you. Please note that if you are not 100% satisfied with the results after the 2-week trial, we will remove the filters with no further obligation to you. Furthermore, we do not require our customers to sign a contract. Rather, we work on a month-to-month basis. This has proven to be successful for our 300+ active monthly customers.

Why use Humidity Control Filters instead of baking soda or Zeolite products?

Baking soda and Zeolite products absorb some odor and only for a very short time. As soon as moisture builds up on the surface of baking soda and Zeolite (usually within a few days) it tends to crust over, rendering it useless. Humidity Control Filters actually prevent odor before it starts by controlling the bacteria-breeding moisture that causes it. By controlling the excess moisture it also keeps all of your food fresh longer, while also helping to keep food safer to eat. All of this, plus energy savings makes Humidity Control Filters the clear choice.

I have additional questions regarding the product…

We are happy to answer any question that you may have relating to our products. For information regarding a FREE 2-week trial, available distributorships, and/or general information, please visit our Contact Us page. Thanks!